What Software Tools Have Greatly Improved Financial Productivity?

What Software Tools Have Greatly Improved Financial Productivity?

In the fast-paced world of finance, leveraging the right software tools can be a game-changer for productivity. We've gathered insights from Presidents and Founders to reveal their top seven software picks that have revolutionized their workflows. From centralizing workflows with Notion to transforming goals-based planning with MoneyGuide, discover the applications that are making a significant impact in the finance industry.

  • Centralize Workflows with Notion
  • LiveFlow Streamlines Financial Reporting
  • Automate AP for Strategic Focus
  • Salesforce Enhances CRM Productivity
  • Property Management Software Boosts Efficiency
  • eMoney Advisor Optimizes Financial Planning
  • MoneyGuide Transforms Goals-Based Planning

Centralize Workflows with Notion

Using Notion has improved our productivity. Its flexible workspace lets us create and share documents, databases, and project boards in one place. This centralization simplifies accessing and updating information, collaborating on projects, and tracking key details.

Notion has streamlined our workflow, ensuring our team stays aligned and efficient, which is crucial for delivering high-quality financial consulting services. The improved organization and collaboration have made a noticeable difference in our day-to-day operations.

Omër Güven
Omër GüvenCo-Founder & CEO, Fintalent

LiveFlow Streamlines Financial Reporting

We have gained a massive amount of efficiency through the use of a tool called LiveFlow. LiveFlow allows you to sync your accounting data from QuickBooks seamlessly into a Google or Excel sheet without having to export, import, copy, paste, or reformat any of the data.

This has enabled our team to minimize the non-value-added administrative tasks involved in the financial reporting process and has allowed the team to focus more on analysis. We have condensed our month-end close and financial reporting workflows considerably by templatizing the automated data coming from QuickBooks to our sheets via LiveFlow!

Roman Villard
Roman VillardFounder, Full Send Finance

Automate AP for Strategic Focus

Our AP automation system has significantly simplified our payables workflow. Previously, we had to manually route invoices for approval and physically sign and mail checks. Now, this system digitizes and automates most of the process—from invoice capture and coding to sending payments to suppliers.

This automation has streamlined our accounts payable process, allowing our finance team to focus on more strategic initiatives. Additionally, it has saved us costs by minimizing human errors and preventing duplicate payments. Moreover, our AP automation platform uses AI to create a rolling 13-week cash forecast. This allows us to carefully plan our payment runs and instantly view the impact of payment decisions on future cash flows. Overall, this tool has greatly improved our productivity and efficiency while erasing the common headaches associated with traditional AP methods.

BC Krishna
BC KrishnaCEO and Founder, Centime

Salesforce Enhances CRM Productivity

Salesforce for CRM and sales management.

Salesforce has revolutionized our sales processes by centralizing customer data, tracking interactions, and automating tasks. Its cloud-based platform enables our sales force to easily collaborate, handle prospects, and accurately anticipate sales pipelines. The use of AI-powered analytics allows us to discover patterns, predict customer behavior, and tailor marketing plans, thereby improving our sales effectiveness and client retention efforts. Salesforce's scalability and customization capabilities have easily adapted to our changing company requirements, facilitating expansion and providing a consistent approach to customer relationship management. Overall, this CRM technology has optimized our sales processes, increased team productivity, and strengthened client connections through data-driven insights and focused engagement strategies.

Timothy Allen
Timothy AllenDirector, Oberheiden P.C.

Property Management Software Boosts Efficiency

Adopting a robust property-management software has been a game-changer for our operations. This tool centralizes all property data, financials, and tenant information, streamlining tasks that previously required multiple platforms. It's revolutionized how we manage leases, process payments, and handle maintenance requests, significantly reducing administrative overhead. This integration allows us to focus more on strategic decisions and client interactions, enhancing productivity and improving our service delivery in the real estate investment market.

Matt Willoughby
Matt WilloughbyFounder, OneStop Financial Services

eMoney Advisor Optimizes Financial Planning

At RVW Wealth, adopting financial planning software like eMoney Advisor has significantly boosted our productivity. This tool streamlines complex financial data into comprehensive, easily digestible plans for clients. It has transformed our workflow by automating routine tasks and enhancing collaboration across our team. This allows us to focus more on personalized client strategies, ultimately improving service quality and efficiency in our fiduciary responsibilities.

Jonathan Gerbe
Jonathan GerbePresident, RVW Wealth

MoneyGuide Transforms Goals-Based Planning

MoneyGuide has been a real game-changer for me. It enables the creation of detailed and personalized financial plans for clients through a goals-based planning approach. This means I can input a specific financial goal that a client has, like purchasing a home, saving for a child's education, or planning for retirement. MoneyGuide then automatically crafts a plan showing how these goals could be achieved. It also provides tools for scenario analysis, risk tolerance assessments, cash flow analysis, net worth statements, and a Social Security optimization feature.

Additionally, MoneyGuide includes a feature called Play Zone, which is particularly helpful in engaging clients more actively in the planning process. This tool allows clients to enter their own data and see the potential effects of different financial decisions on their plans. I use this feature to show clients how various market conditions or changes in investment returns might affect their ability to meet their financial goals. This interactive element has significantly improved how I interact with clients and has made financial planning more dynamic and understandable for them.

Eric Croak, CFP
Eric Croak, CFPPresident, Croak Capital

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